NKG Sustainability report 2022


Support a learning culture 

Offering our employees access to highquality training on coffee expertise, skills and values is an important part of our daily business. Traditionally, we pass along our knowledge and know-how face to face, colleague to colleague, and firmly believe that this exchange is a vital part of NKG’s learning culture.  

In recent years, we have added opportunities for digital and online learning to the existing in-person learning spaces. Putting a stronger focus on online learning is meant to open new ways of learning for colleagues in other parts of the world and to build a library of training and know-how that is accessible from anywhere at any time. 

learning culture at NKG

In 2020, NKG established its learning management system NKG Learning, in an effort to centralize and strengthen digital and online learning within the group. The internal platform is open to all NKG employees who have a computer workspace and currently counts 1,307 active learner accounts.

NKG Learning is a flexible, multi-use space that offers the tools and infrastructure for many different needs. For individual NKG companies, it enables them to easily create and distribute training material for their local employees, for example trainings on hygiene when working with coffee samples or on Covid safety measures. Management in all NKG companies has access to NKG Learning to use it for local trainings. Beyond that, the platform is used to offer centralized training content to employees worldwide. The first use case was for our yearly Code of Conduct training, which you can read more about below.  

Voluntary trainings AND Learning Time Quota

Based on an employee survey, NKG has recently expanded its use of NKG Learning by offering voluntary trainings on green coffee knowledge and personal growth to all employees. In the survey, employees could state their interest in different topics that may be offered as online trainings. Overwhelmingly, the interest in learning more about our own core business was the highest rated.

Therefore, the NG Holding created a training program in which different stages and processes of the coffee business are explained. This training is created internally, drawing on the expertise of colleagues around the world. The first installment of this program was released at the start of 2022 and more will follow soon.

Further, the survey showed that NKG employees are also interested in trainings on a vast range of personal and professional development topics. In response, NKG is offering a variety of personal growth trainings from 2022 on. These trainings are sourced from a professional online training provider and cover a broad range of topics from improving teamwork, over interesting inputs such as on design thinking, to health topics such as the importance of sleep.  

To enable employees to participate in this offer of voluntary trainings, NKG companies set up a learningtime quota in 2022. All employees with computer access may spend 12 paid working hours per year on trainings of their choice on NKG Learning.  

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modules available
Total number of
module completions In 2021

All employees with computer access may spend 12 paid working hours per year on trainings of their choice on NKG Learning.

Code of Conduct Training

Employee training is also an important way for us to increase awareness of and strengthen competence in relevant topics from the NKG Code of Conduct among our employees worldwide. The NKG Code of Conducts holds our core values and beliefs about how we want to act as corporate citizens in the world of coffee and provides NKG colleagues with best practices for responsible business conduct. Every year, it is accompanied by a new online training that focuses on key topics that remind us of our commitments and the need to transfer them to real-life examples and exercises.  

Specialized training content

By now, it is fair to say that the Code of Conduct Online Training has a bit of a history at NKG, as it has already been carried out successfully for five years. In the past two years, the online training has been created in-house by NKG, to ensure that all topics and examples are relevant and applicable for our highly specialized coffee businesses all over the world. One focus point in the training development has been to make all our different colleagues feel addressed and included by the online training, which is why the trainings are led by illustrated characters that are representative of a majority of NKG employees.  

Training in 2021

In 2021, the training had three different modules: Making good decisions, Our Business Partners, and Antitrust and Fair Competition. The training was rolled out to 1,307 NKG employees using the NKG Learning online platform. The target group was employees who work in an office space and use a computer at work. Out of these employees, more than 95 % have successfully completed their Code of Conduct Training in 2021. 

Total number of employees
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Training Content

Many NKG companies have employees who work in mills, warehouses or on farms and do not have computer access.

they are trained in Code of Conduct topics in our NKG Awareness Day instead of online.

Local Trainings

In addition to content and training concepts that are available to the entire group, individual NKG companies have varied training opportunities for their employees. Unfortunately, many of these training activities were cancelled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions worldwide. However, a total of 1,655 NKG employees received a performance and career development review in 2021. That equals 55.67 % of our workforce. Moreover, 873 of our employees participated in career- or skill-related training with an average duration of 23.27 hours. We hope that we will be able to reach even more NKG colleagues in the upcoming years when external conditions allow us to come together again and to live our learning culture in the way we are used to.  

Total number of employees who received a
regular peformance and career development review
Total number of employees receiving career- or skill-related training
0 hrs
Average time spent on career- or skill-related training


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